MUSICIANS / Khaled Harara, Makten&Härligheten
COMPOSED BY / Martin Holmlund


Alienation Emigrate is difficult, most difficult is leaving you leave yourself before you leave your mom and

brothers, friends, neighbours, house, street corners. The most difficult is to leave yourself.

World outside is big and wide Lived all my life singing about the street The street heard me and said, also you are leaving me alone. Everyone who lived inside of me once is now running away

I say forgive me, I can ́t handle it no more. My life is so tough there It’s grabbed me and you in. I know emigration is tough, and the most difficult thing is missing I’m gonna miss myself first before i miss the memories and my love.


The life take me outside and far far away Alone without a mother, brother or friend And my road is beginning and I start managing I fall one hundred time and wake up again I fall one hundred time and I start managing again

The alienation kill me, and keep on taking me from one place to another And I keep fighting back to stay in my place by using my memories

Keep fighting to find myself inside of me , Keep fighting to find a place inside of me, Alienation is so tough, and the toughest thing is to find yourself inside yourself

the life turning me around left right right left right , tightening me from every corner more years passing , difficulties pulling me more and more and i start feel the long distance

my mom asking me when are you coming back home , i said soon mom
and i know inside of me that the time to go back home is still long
more and more years passing from my life and i am still far aways from my home

My life is starting now, and the time is never gonna stop

and my house is inside of my heart, and one day I’m gonna reach what I want

I am never gonna be afraid of alienation as there’s one single memory inside my heart.
I’m gonna live just only once, and I’m gonna spend it trying to stand up Trying to build, trying to succeed

Alienation is so tough, and toughest thing is to leave You , you gonna leave yourself first, you gonna leave yourself first

But believe me, be stronger than the the world and you’re find yourself one day