In Congo: SOS/HRD Support Needed!

Dieudonné is sending out an urgent appeal for assistance. People from his village have been arrested in Uvira by military services, but nobody has seen them, nobody know where they are and in what condition they are.  Their life is at high risk, if they are still alive. Dear Colleagues, I am writing eagerly to […]

In Congo (DRC): Village Pastor Kidnapped

Hello! I would like to inform you that Mr. Arcade KAMAHETA - who works with the Mwambangu village’s pastor (Ahmirado) kidnapped in Bujumbura on Monday - has just been arrested by the police at the ONPRA, the office dealing with asylum seekers in Burundi. Reason: Mr. Arcade is accused of “human trafficking”. This means that […]

In Argentina: The Memorial Park was declared “historic place” by the National Government

Through Decree 1285/2014, published Thursday in the Official Gazette, the Government declared historic place to Memory Park, the public space located on the North Coast of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in memory of the victims of the last dictatorship.  Read more by by

In Congo (DRC): Village was raided by anti-Bebembe Jews soldiers supported by the PPRD

On August 5, 2014, Dieudonné reported that government soldiers raided his village, led by Colonel Jaguar RUTARARA under the direction of Bulangi ALIMASI, member of the PPRD (Political Party of the Regime on Power in DRC).  Colonel Jaguar RUTARARA is paid and used by the “anti-Bashimbilimba” to terrorize the clan of Bashibilimba, also known as oppressed […]

In Sri Lanka: Shoot NGO traitors and throw them to foxes to eat says a Sinhala newspaper

Artist Ajith Kumarasiri shares news headline and article from the Divaina Sunday edition of the Upali Newspaper on August 10 2014 that feeds stories to encourage hatred against human rights defenders including the UNHRC.   by by