Healing Power of Story Cloths

Global Opinions Some trauma really is unspeakable. So these women are sewing their stories, instead. By Rachel A. CohenNOVEMBER 27, 2019Washington Post The cloths with this column were created by women living in Nepal, Ecuador and Congo and photographed by Rafe Scobey-Thal. Top: “Why I Had to Leave My Village,” from a Colombian refugee in Ecuador. […]

Sout Al Salaam Awards 2019 by AnaTaban | Hot in Juba

Here we go for Sout El Salaam Award brought to you by Ana Taban. It is an Awards recognizing to all type Artists that had been singing, painting and preaching peace before and after Independent of the Republic of South Sudan.   HOTINJUBA.COM   Sout Al Salaam Awards 2019 by AnaTaban | Hot in Juba […]

Chased by conflict in Ukraine, an artist finds a haven in Helsinki

Spartak Khachanov in his studio with a model of a memorial he is creating for victims of the 1918 Finnish civil war. (Will Englund/The Washington Post) By Will Englund and Kathy Lally, The Washington Post, November 2, 2019 at 10:13 a.m. EDT HELSINKI — Let’s call them “figurines.” That’s the name their creator, Spartak Khachanov, delicately uses. He […]