From the outside looking in with Ajith Kumarasirio

The Morning, Sri Lanka news story about Ajith Kumarasiri, a musician who is also a part of The JK Project's Shared Stories collection. Congratulations Ajith on this feature story! Bring on the noise...your the bigger world. FEBRUARY 23, 2020 BY DIMITHRI WIJESINGHE 0 COMMENTS  POST VIEWS: 192 By Dimithri Wijesinghe Looking a little exhausted but still cheerfully offering us a […]

Chibok Girls: Our Story

Written and directed by Wole Oguntokun Performed  Georgetown University’s Gonda Theatre, May 7-9, 2019 Theater & Dance Review ‘Nobody wants this story told’: Nigeria’s Renegade Theatre makes U.S. debut with ‘Chibok Girls’ “The Chibok Girls: Our Story,” from Nigeria's Renegade Theatre, at Georgetown University. (Renegade Theatre) By Nelson Pressley Theater critic May 8 The atrocity of Boko […]

Avshi Weinstein, Violinmaker and Co-founder of “Violins of Hope”

Our latest shared story is with Avshi Weinstein, a violinmaker and co-founder of Violins of Hope. In December 2018, we had an opportunity to meet with Avshi and film an interview with him to learn about how his family’s violin business and Violins of Hope. Read more about the story here. by by

Buddhi De Mal, Sri Lankan musician

  Sri Lankan musician Buddhi De Mal shares his story with us. His latest release ‘Colours of Hate (No More)’ is a wonderful introduction to his music and a unifying single in an increasingly polarizing world.  Read his story here: by by

The extraordinary story of Ignacio Montoya Carlotto

  We have just launched our latest story about Ignacio Montoya Carlotto, a musician from Argentina who discovered at the age of 36 that he was adopted.  His biological parents were among those who were disappeared and murdered during the military dictatorship (1976-1983) and he was one of the babies adopted out.  Read more about […]

Freedom of artists in Saudi Arabia?

As Saudi Arabia relaxes its controls on culture and entertainment, artists dream — and worry By Kareem Fahim January 10 at 9:40 PM Kareem Fahim reports, "The government of this ultraconservative kingdom has lately become a tireless patron of the arts, sponsoring concerts by Western performers such as New Age artist Yanni and promoting comic festivals and book fairs. Cinemas, […]

Maciej Frankiewicz-Visual Artist

  Last month we were in Poland traveling with Classrooms Without Borders to learn about Jewish life before, during, and after the Holocaust.  While on the trip, we met visual artist Maciej Frankiewicz.  Maciej paints about the Jews from his town, Starachowice in Kielce county (once a shtetl called Wierzbnik), who were relocated by the Nazis to […]

Asya Zlatina-Russian dancer

We have posted a new story about Russian modern dancer and teacher Asya Zlatina who left her country when she was four years old with her mother a year after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Asya's compelling story brings a perspective and understanding of the complex world inside Russia's repressive society that was responsible […]

Uganda: Please Support!

                      D Mc Viniikizo, one of our project's participating artists in Uganda, is planning to lead a hip-hop workshop for kids living in the slum community in Kampala.  He needs modest support to realize this initiative.  Please consider supporting "Help Nawe Osobola Mcing Hip Hop […]

Gideon Jeph Wabvuta wins Lab Fellowship at Georgetown University!

Gideon Jeph Wabuta of Zimbabwe is one of several performing artists selected for the Lab Fellows program, an 18-month program in The Laboratory for Global Performance and Politics.  Congratulations Gideon!!!! The Laboratory for Global Performance and PoliticsLike Page The Lab is proud to announce the launch of the Lab Fellows program! It is a tremendous […]