Bridging Time, Distance and Distrust, With Music

THE SATURDAY PROFILEFrom The New York Times Neta Elkayam, an Israeli singer, plumbs the rich culture of the Moroccan Jews she descended from, and introduces it to new audiences in both countries. The singer and artist Neta Elkayam in her backyard in Jerusalem. “Jewish immigrants from Morocco had a lot of troubles and difficulties,” she […]

US Customs Destroys Malian Musical Instrument

Outrage after Malian Kora player's handmade instrument destroyed by US customs The musician asked whether US customs would have dismantled a Stradivarius violin By Anna Pujol-Mazzini DAKAR6 February 2020 • 3:57pmThe Telegraph Ballaké Sissoko found his instrument in pieces A top Malian kora player said his handmade instrument was destroyed by US custom officials as he […]

The extraordinary story of Ignacio Montoya Carlotto

  We have just launched our latest story about Ignacio Montoya Carlotto, a musician from Argentina who discovered at the age of 36 that he was adopted.  His biological parents were among those who were disappeared and murdered during the military dictatorship (1976-1983) and he was one of the babies adopted out.  Read more about […]

Uganda: Please Support!

                      D Mc Viniikizo, one of our project's participating artists in Uganda, is planning to lead a hip-hop workshop for kids living in the slum community in Kampala.  He needs modest support to realize this initiative.  Please consider supporting "Help Nawe Osobola Mcing Hip Hop […]

Children of the Berlin Kulturbund Meet-February 17, 2016

Evelyn Summer and Eugene Drucker met last Wednesday night at The JK Project program at the Museum of Jewish Heritage. They discovered that their parents, dancer/choreographer Hannah Kroner and musician Ernst Drucker, performed in the Berlin Kulturbund in 1938 and must have known each other. Love that!

Iranian Musicians Jailed, Facing Possible Execution For Playing Metal

Thank you Mirshad Buckman for bringing this news to our attention. Iranian Musicians Jailed, Facing Possible Execution For Playing Metal  

Israel: Habib Shedadeh Hanna

We recently interviewed Palestinian-Israeli musician, composer, and musicologist Habib Shedadeh Hanna about living in Israel, the issues he faces as a Palestinian musician, and his hopes for Israel.  Please read Habib's  story and watch samples of his interview.