US Customs Destroys Malian Musical Instrument

Outrage after Malian Kora player's handmade instrument destroyed by US customs The musician asked whether US customs would have dismantled a Stradivarius violin By Anna Pujol-Mazzini DAKAR6 February 2020 • 3:57pmThe Telegraph Ballaké Sissoko found his instrument in pieces A top Malian kora player said his handmade instrument was destroyed by US custom officials as he […]

Giving Tuesday

  It's Giving Tuesday! Please support The Jüdische Kulturbund Project’s efforts to lead education programs for kids in schools and give presentations and performances to the general public. We engage the power of art and music as a healing device to connect people and transcend the differences and barriers between them. Through connecting, inspiring, and […]

GoFundMe Campaign

We started a GoFundMe Campaign to help raise money for our upcoming initiatives for the multimedia play Playing for Life: Art Under Tyranny, the dramatic feature film Life or Theater? and education programs that explore issues of oppression and responses through art and music. Please help us raise money . . . every little bit […]