Thank you to all participants from Nawe Osobola Mcing Project Uganda for working with us in our Connecting Classrooms Workshop last Tuesday.  We loved that your group included participants of all ages from 7 years old to 71!

Mc Emilie 22, Brian Kyakabii 51, Sulphure 18, Godfrey mugerwa 19, Ramthan Mawa 16, William Oskol 71, Doticom safiu 20, Makweta eto 20, Daniel Datsun! 17, Gibbon swallow 23, dmk 22, De Vicki 20, John Aku 7, Ediewin Afayiru 14, Emma kawaliya 51, Andru Abate 13

We cannot wait to share your creative responses from the workshop exercises.  We look forward to working with you again.


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