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  • I’m writing to thank you for the Judishe Kulturebund Project. The website above is one that introduces me in the context of memories of my Father, Alfred (Levi) Leonard and my uncle, Joseph (Levi) Leonard who escaped Nazi Germany in ’33 and ’35. I’m not aware of their involvement with Kurt Singer or with Kulturebund musicians and yet, as two people with strong ties to Berlin (where each studied), and strong involvements with music (Joseph was a known pianist/composer whose blindness did not stand in the way of his musical accomplishments and Alfred, , was a broadcaster of classical music in Hollywood), I’m sure they knew people whose lives were effected by the Kulturebund.

    I am writing and creating artwork which I hope will bring Joseph and Alfred’s stories to life for interested audiences including children. I very much value the introductory video on your site that features artwork by Charlotte Salomon and which tells about the origin and history of the Bund.

    I wonder if you might at some point add credits about the music and the artwork to this video. The omission of credits for the music, (and for this particular performance of the music) seems at odds with your hopes to sustain musicians and composers who lived through oppression.

    If you contact me, I’d very much appreciate knowing the details of the music selection that you use. It is so beautiful and familiar and yet I can quite place it, (Beethoven, I’m quite sure but would love to know).

    Thank you again for your work which supports my own interests and research. Eleanor Rubin, Boston, MA

    • Hello Elly, thank you for your message. I welcome your interest very much and am pleased that you took the time to explore the Web site. I am especially grateful that this project gives you context in telling the story of your father and uncle. Your writing and artwork is a beautiful way to memorialize their lives.

      Thank you for raising the issue of credits. When we produce our feature length film and the stage production (and other related productions) we will be diligent in crediting all music, artwork, photographs, etc. I would be happy to put something on the Web site that names the music.

      The music in the trailer that was produced in 2009 is Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony. The artwork and the photos are credited on the screens in the trailer. The music in the 2013 trailer is a Bach Cello Suite No. 1 Prelude, selected by Devree Lewis, the cellist who participated in our summer workshop. The image of the theatre is showing the audience attending a Frankfurt Kulturbund performance, though the photographer is unknown. The other image is of the entire cast of the Kulturbund’s performance of Countess Martiza performed in 1939, which was given to me by the dancer/choreographer Hannah Kroner Segal. The third image is of Kurt Singer, photographed by Abraham Pisarek in 1937.

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      Good luck with your work.

      Best regards,

      • Many thanks for your reply to my comments and inquiry. I appreciate all the information you sent and look forward to being in touch with you in the future.

  • Hey! My name is Eean Logan, I work with the Choice program here at the Shriver Center in at UMBC. I just wanted to share an organization I know is doing great work around global African solidarity. They work primarily right here in Baltimore with youth, I’ve been grateful enough to take youth from my former program on one of their educational excursions. I saw you all’s work around hair stories and wanted to connect you to ADA. As they have done a ton of research or worked in coalition with folks across the globe doing this work, including research around hair. Thank you all for your work in this focus area, and I look forward to following more closely!

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