Reporting to The JK Project today, Dieudonné Amisi Mutambala of ArtHum, the human rights organization in DR Congo, said that one of his group’s music albums mysteriously resurfaced.

Since ArtHum’s formation in 1999, the government has kept an eye on the human rights groups’ activities.  Members of the group have been threatened to death, imprisoned, and forced to disappear.  The government confiscated ArtHum’s music albums because of their content, leaving no trace of their songs.

One album was “ULIMI”, produced by N’Diaye Productions in Kinshasa, sometime before 2000. Missing for more than a decade, “ULIMI” was mysteriously found and distributed on iTunes in April 2015.  The album features singer Lady Biby Riziki and includes the song “Africa”, about the horrific massacres of the time (which continue today) and “Orphelin”, a song dedicated to the orphans left behind after their parents perished.

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