Dieudonné is sending out an urgent appeal for assistance. People from his village have been arrested in Uvira by military services, but nobody has seen them, nobody know where they are and in what condition they are.  Their life is at high risk, if they are still alive.

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing eagerly to inform you of an emergency regarding the place and conditions of detention
concerning the two persons below:

1. Désiré William Amisi Anwema (known by his spiritual name AHMIRADO)
He was abducted in Bujumbura on Monday 18/08/2014 by a network I will detail later. Last Friday, 22/08/2014 at 15:45, he was taken from the hands of his kidnappers by an officer of the Burundian Documentation service, in collaboration with the Commissioner General of the PJP (Judiciary Police) and passed onto the hands of Uvira’s military intelligence authorities in South Kivu province of Democratic Republic of the Congo. We got this information from a safe and credible official source, but we have no news of any arrival of Ahmirado in Uvira nor his location. We urge you to act with agility to provide us with the necessary information relating thereto.

2. Kyalondawa kongolo Ujermani

He was violently arrested on Tuesday 05/08/2014 in Mwambangu Village, tortured and kept in a military area of Baraka in Fizi territory in South Kivu province of Democratic Republic of the Congo. He is still kept under custody for almost two weeks, since critical incidents occurred – the once which contributed to incomprehensible acts perpetrated by FARDC soldiers under the command of Colonel Jaguar. These soldiers, accompanied by some civilian members of the sect called “les DOMINEURS” (meaning those who dominate), have abused children, they raped women, they beat up teachers, they tortured pastors and they detained eldest in unbelievable conditions, including Mr. Ujermani. The later would have been transferred to the Uvira Central Prison on Wednesday 20/08/2014. Our network really needs his news.

Please refer to these four documents (written in French) so that you understand the root of the problem. They will be helpful during the steps to be undertaken, or even for the media in connection with this matter. You can quote me as your source of information and distribute these documents if necessary.

I suggest you read these documents in the order of succession to better understand the matter, and you take into account the period (date) in which each document was written.

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