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Through its education programs, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project embraces its mission to encourage participants to connect with each other through common experiences, inspire people to respond to persecution through cultural expression and encourage freedom of expression and culture. 

The goals of the initiative are to raise awareness, augment young people’s perception of the past, catalyze students to action, share a little-known inspirational story of the past, and to recognize contemporary mirrors perhaps within our own families, communities, and selves.




KULTUR STORIES:  A cultural exchange program virtually connecting our future leaders — young people around the globe — to build awareness of human rights through creative expression.





MUSIC + ART: EXPLORING RESPONSES TO OPPRESSION:  An educational workshop leading participants on location or virtually and in collaboration with educators, musicians, performing artists, and visual artists to produce engaging experiences for the classroom (primary, secondary, high-school and university curricula).




More About the Project
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Exploring Issues of Oppression
Artivists — The Exhibition
Bullets to Books — The Feature Documentary Film
Hannah's Dance — The Performance
Remembering the Jews of Greece — The Music Performance
Singer — The Dramatic Feature Film
The Ring Project — The Multimedia Play
Public Program Events
Project Team


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