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The Shared Stories video (above) presents our vision for how artists around the world connect to the Kulturbund artists’ experiences and the issues they faced.

The centerpiece of our story is told through first-hand accounts captured in interviews with Kulturbund artists between 2002 and 2004 and current-day artists that we started interviewing in 2013.  They live around the world in places such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Congo DRC, India, Iran, Mali, Niger, Russia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Ukraine.  In addition, to these stories, we explored the insights and perspectives of the actors and musician who participated in a two-day theatre workshop.

We continue to be inspired by these artists, working on various efforts, such as:

COVID-19: The Oppressor, a collection of music and art responses to the 2020 global pandemic.

Featured Short Stories, a presentation of stories about artists that show their powerful responses to oppression through their art.

Who Am I, a video story inspired by the poem Maybe Not written by Sandrella Nyabel, a young scholar and poet in Juba, South Sudan.

Initiatives, a collection of planned and current programs and productions.


  • For some reason, I wasn’t able to access the video, but I am very interested in getting more information. I am a Jewish artist who has centered most of my artistic life using Biblical themes to address contemporary issues. I am now working on a series of large charcoal drawings addressing the immigrant/refugee crisis.
    Please put me on your email list to receive all your emails concerning the Library of Congress programs you are working on.
    I also am a Jewish book illustrator, including the KarBen Publishers “Sammy Spider” preschool series.

    • Dear Katherine,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Sorry you couldn’t access the video. If you care to try again, here’s the link (I just checked it and it is working).

      Your artwork is beautiful. And I am happy to hear about your response to the current refugee crisis through your art and your book “Sammy Spider”.

      I will add your name to our mailing list and hope to see you at the LOC program.

      Gail, The Jüdische Kulturbund Project

  • I appreciate you for this great initiative, how do u work with artists, I mean requirements to join your Organization, accessing a video is like saving a visible immortal life, congratulation.

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