The Root Foundation Rwanda is proud of the work it has accomplished in the past and is glad for all its friends and supporters that have helped to achieve these great results. However, due to continuous financial shortages, we have, as an organization that is solely based on voluntary work, reached a point where we decided to change our organizational structure. We strive for a more professional outlook towards the future that will help us to assist all the children seeking help in a more sustainable fashion. We would like to introduce permanent positions for local Rwandans within the organization, starting with a fundraising manager. For this reason we have launched a crowdfunding campaign, calling on our community for donations to reach our goal. Therefore, we would like to ask you once more for your support. Be it in form of financial means or by sharing this campaign with your friends and family. Every action helps us to reach our target, safeguarding a stable future for the children of Kigali.

The following link will guide you to our campaign with detailed information about our project and the Root Foundation itself.

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