On May 10, 2017, we had the pleasure of spending time with artist Margot S. Neuhaus at her home and studio in Sperryville, Virginia.  Margot shared how she expresses the issues of oppression in her work—wood sculpture, etched stone, printed paper, photography, and acrylic on canvas.

Margot’s current series, titled “Outcry”, is an expression of not only her crying out about the injustice and oppression that are going on in the world, this country, and that she and her family experienced, but she believes that she is also a channel, a speaker for many. It’s not only her voice, it’s the voice of many.


Pittsburgh producer Jose Muniain shared with us his story of poet Huang Xiangconsidered to be the pre-eminent post cultural revolution poet of China.Huang Xiang was born in Hunan Province, China, in 1941.  His unceasing bravery, in the face of sure re-imprisonment, and further torture, forced him to leave his homeland.

Huang began writing poems in the 1950s and has been imprisoned repeatedly for his work. In 1978, he founded “Enlightenment,” the first underground writers’ society, and started a literary magazine with the same title. In exile in the United States since 1997, he was also a resident poet in Pittsburgh under the Cities of Asylum program for writers.