The Greek Chamber Music Project presents a powerful program in memory of the Holocaust, honoring the Sephardic Jews of Greece and the broader Mediterranean. The Sephardim have a deep history in Greece, with musical traditions that have had lasting influences on the region. GCMP is pleased to feature Sarah Aroeste who sings in Ladino, the Judeo-Spanish language of the Sephardim. She keeps the language alive with unique interpretations of traditional Sephardic songs and her original compositions sung in Ladino. 

She is joined by her longtime pianist and producer Shai Bachar, as well as special guest Ellie Falaris Ganelin on flute. Together, they present a concert of songs old and new in a multimedia performance using sound clips, videos, and live music. The program features stories and video footage from Aroeste’s own family, as well as video testimony of a Greek Holocaust survivor, thanks to a collaboration with the Fortunoff Video Archive at Yale University. Remembering the Jews of Greece remembers this dark moment in history in an effort to speak out against hate and to promote healing and acceptance in our communities.