Exhibition of Creative Responses
Music, Art + Literature: Responding to Oppression Team

Through presentation, discussion, and creative activities, workshop participants explore the responses of Jewish artists of the 1930s and current-day artists subjected to unjust conditions. The workshop asks them to consider, “How would you respond through music, writing, and art, to living under oppressive conditions?”


  1. Participants will understand and appreciate the power of music and art expression to resist oppression and tyranny.
  2. Participants will appreciate the ways that creative processes help to maintain a sense of both personal and group accomplishment and dignity, in the face of unjust treatment.
  3. Participants will understand and empathize with individuals and groups in historical and contemporary settings who have continued their artistic expression under oppression and tyranny.
  4. Participants will connect to others who share common interests and issues.


Our mission is to connect people who share common experiences, inspire people to resond to persecution through cultural expression, and encourage freedom of expression and culture.

We lead a variety of groups on location or virtually with just about anyone wishing to connect and explore issues of oppression through creative responses. Participants may include teachers and students in middle- and high-school, colleges as well as embassies and theatre groups. We love mixing generations, ethnicities, religions, and countries. Or we can work with a group in the same village or community. Groups sizes may be as large as 100 or as small as 10 participants. Sessions range in time from 90 minutes to three hours, depending on the needs of participants. We are flexible and can customize a workshop around a theme or specific issue.

Elijah Cummings Youth Group in Israel, Baltimore, MD, 2023

Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel, Baltimore, Maryland 2022

Czech Embassy, 2019

Kampala, Uganda, 2018

Middle- and high-schools in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (top and middle rows)
Andy’s Summer Playhouse, Wilton, New Hampshire (bottom row), 2017