By Gour Atem Gour
2019 Alumni, The Promised Land Secondary School


I am tired of being a refugee, yeah being here did save my life and I appreciate that.

I am tired because I was made to be here intentionally, And due to conflicts of self interest.

I am losing my identity here, I’m world widely known as a refugee and they have forgotten that I had my own land.

I had a place I once called home, I had my own small fertile land that changed my diet and most importantly I was known by my identity “A southerner ”

I’m ashamed of being in a refugee camp all my life, especially in the twenty-first century.

It’s really embarrassing, To see other countries competing of development and advancing technology every year, when I’m still hiding in the bush thinking of which tribe to raid and attacks.

We are full of sorrows and grief because we still believe in revenge, We live in a constant fear like predictors in the jungle.

We know no justice not even to the innocent souls that die daily Nor the rights of the victims anymore.

The rule of law is now in the hands of the gunmen.

We no longer have peace, thought our government preaches peace more than the gospel every day, We still have hidden weapons behind our backs.

It’s all our fault that hundreds of thousands are surviving to death

It’s our fault to prefer being fed like pets in refugee camps and abundant our motherland.

Sometimes we ought to step back to save others, Our forefathers and fathers have done enough sacrifices for our sake, they have shed enough blood too.

It’s time we stop point figures and seek reconciliation, It’s time we get rid of tribalism and bare one identity for all ” South Sudanese”, It’s time to silence the guns and restore equality for all, Unity is strength, We are one Nation, one people.