Dominic Dau Deng Mathiang (DD Dawoody) — Project Coordinator, BULLETS TO BOOKS and KULTUR STORIES

DD is a singer, songwriter, activist, student and entrepreneur.  He was born in Wau Western Bhar El Gazal, Sudan (now South Sudan).  While growing up he was involved church choir then began creating music, leading a music group in performances of African traditional music and dance.  He incorporates these influences based on his personal experience rather than theoretically approaching the African music. He continues to perform with groups and as a solo artists; performance pieces are a major part of his life’s work.  He released his first hit in 2011 called SOUTH SUDAN IS MY HOME and also launched an album in 2012 called INTI WAHIT.  In 2016, he released his third third album, I LOVE MY NATION. 

Apart from working as a composer, performer, and solo musician, DD Dawoody is also a first member artist whose music videos trended on national TV (SSBC or SSTV) during independence of the Republic of South Sudan and contributed on live performance the same day.

DD Dawoody has been participating in Artist Initiatives for Peace and response to oppression, which includes AnaTaban Art Initiative, I AM PEACE, and The Jüdische Kulturbund Project.  

DD Dawoody is currently member of The Jüdische Kulturbund Project’s COVID-19: The Oppressor, an initiative that explores and collects artists’ response to Covid 19 from Africa, US, Asia and Europe.

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