A group of artists and visionaries from the US, headed by Gail Prensky, virtually meets with the Juba participants and artistic team every day for two weeks in order to guide the students in creating their own digital stories. Their stories will revolve around the three core themes: peace, unity, and why it is important to tell the truth.

Week 1/Day 2 of Digital Storytelling Program at Promised Land Secondary School in Juba, South Sudan. Students interact on Zoom with the US team facilitators.

Week 1: Production

Young Scholars working from their written stories, develop a plan, outline, or script for the production of a digital story. They prepare a schedule for the production.

By the end of the week, all recording of the young scholars’ production is complete and organized for editing.

Week 2: Post Production

Young scholars organize their projects and their media assets. The filmmakers organize edit the digital storytelling projects for a final presentation.

By the end of the week, the final presentation is complete.

Week 3: Presentation

Promised Land screens the final digital storytelling presentation with the students, faculty, and parents, followed by a moderated discussion with workshop participants.

In the process of creating the Juba scholars’ digital stories

Final Project