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The Jüdische Kulturbund Project leads workshops, “Music + Art: Exploring Responses to Oppression”, collaborating with educators, musicians, performing artists, and visual artists to produce engaging experiences for the classroom (primary, secondary, high-school and university curricula) as well as Web- and community-based educational programs.

The goals of the initiative are to raise awareness, augment young people’s perception of the past, catalyze students to action, share a little-known inspirational story of the past, and to recognize contemporary mirrors perhaps within our own families, communities, and selves.

The intention of the program is to explore issues resulting from the choice artists make everyday living under oppression.  Do I stay or leave?  We want to encourage discussion among social and cultural history, theatre, and music students as well as encourage thoughts about how the story the Jüdische Kulturbund is relevant today.

Please see an online exhibition of creative responses by participants in our workshops.

Collaborating with Musicians for World Harmony in Ithaca, NY; the Kulturskolan at Hagfors Kommun in Hagfors, Sweden; and the Root Foundation in Kigali, Rwanda, we led a “Connecting Classrooms” pilot, using Skype to connect everyone remotely, as seen in the video above.

Examples of art produced by teachers at our education workshop at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore on August 3, 2016.  (Photographs by Kaitlyn Haney, Pandxa)


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    May 17, 2017

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    • Margot Neuhaus
      June 3, 2017

      Very inspiring!! This project has a tremendous potential to affect many lives all over the world…..opening doors…..to hope and freedom.

      With gratefulness for your work and wishes that it may wildly spread!


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