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The Jüdische Kulturbund Project is an independent multimedia program, planning to produce a multimedia stage production, films (dramatic feature and documentary),  education, and other companion programs.  The Project’s fiscal sponsor is the nonprofit International Documentary Association, a 501(c)(3) organization.  All contributions are tax deductible.

Scheduled Events

  • Public Program-Presentation + Concert and Education Workshops-In collaboration with Classrooms without Borders, Pittsburgh, PA November, 2017

In Development

  • Multimedia Play: “Playing for Life: Art Under Tyranny” (Status: Script)
  • Dramatic Feature Film: “Singer”   (Status: Script)
  • Connecting Classrooms:  A workshop pilot program to connect four classroom via Skype to explore issues of oppression and responses through written word, art, and music.  Participating kids from Fairfax, VA;  Kigali, Rwanda, Varmland, Sweden; and Ithaca, NY.  (Spring 2017)
  • Kids Music Series:  Pilot to produce two music videos with kids singing songs of peace from cultures around the world. (Autumn 2017)

Building our Audience

While the JK Project continues developing the multimedia play and dramatic feature film, we will present public speaking and education programs. We will also engage audiences through marketing campaigns and efforts such as…

  • Leading education workshops for teachers and children (middle- and high-school)
  • Producing a coffee-table book, exhibition, and interactive app—in collaboration with David Bruce Smith we will publish a book that features our project’s participating musicians and artists.  The book will also present children’s music and art in response to exploring issues of oppression and learning the stories of our project’s participating musicians and artists.
  • Producing/curating a group exhibition of visual artists.
  • Producing a compilation music album.
  • Exploring more ideas and ways to use technology to tell our stories!

Support our Efforts

  • Give financially
  • Give in-kind
  • Share access to people, organizations, networks, collaborative opportunities
  • Connect us to other potential supporters
  • Connect us to potential hosting venues for programs and discussions
  • Connect us to educators interested in building a curriculum

To make a donation by PayPal or credit card, please download this contribution form or pay directly online.  To make a donation by check, please download this contribution form.  All contributions are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, The International Documentary Association (IDA), a 501(c)(3).

For more information about making a contribution or about sponsorship opportunities for any of the Project programs, please contact

Project Contributors


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