Flogged, imprisoned, murdered: today, being a poet is a dangerous jobAuto Draft

In India, the author of a viral poem about Narendra Modi’s handling of Covid-19 has been demonised. But all around the world, from Myanmar to Belarus, poets are being persecuted Tishani Doshi for The Guardian Mon 5 Jul 2021 03.00 EDT Police officers and paramedics carry Stepan Latypov, after he stabbed himself in the neck […]

Voices of Exchange Featuring Jok Abraham Thon

Hear Jok Abraham Thon, the inspiration behind BULLETS TO BOOKS, share his vision for changing young people's minds from bullets to books.  You can listen to this podcast here, beginning Friday, May 12 at 8am ET/12pm GT.   by by

Kultur Stories — Margot Neuhaus, Guest Artist

Guest Artist Story, March 10, 2021     Kultur Stories launched its second virtual pilot program in early March, connecting over Zoom three pods of young scholars from South Sudan, Sweden, and the United States.  Over the next three months, these young scholars will discuss and create digital stories around themes focused on issues of […]

From the outside looking in with Ajith Kumarasirio

The Morning, Sri Lanka news story about Ajith Kumarasiri, a musician who is also a part of The JK Project's Shared Stories collection. Congratulations Ajith on this feature story! Bring on the noise...your music...to the bigger world. FEBRUARY 23, 2020 BY DIMITHRI WIJESINGHE 0 COMMENTS  POST VIEWS: 192 By Dimithri Wijesinghe Looking a little exhausted but still cheerfully offering us a […]

Ukraine: An interview with Hobart Earle, Principal Conductor, The Odessa Philharmonic

We were honored last week to speak with Hobart Earle, who shared his reflections on life in Odessa, and his perspective and response to the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine. by by

In Congo (DRC): Village Pastor Kidnapped

Hello! I would like to inform you that Mr. Arcade KAMAHETA - who works with the Mwambangu village’s pastor (Ahmirado) kidnapped in Bujumbura on Monday - has just been arrested by the police at the ONPRA, the office dealing with asylum seekers in Burundi. Reason: Mr. Arcade is accused of “human trafficking”. This means that […]