On August 5, 2014, Dieudonné reported that government soldiers raided his village, led by Colonel Jaguar RUTARARA under the direction of Bulangi ALIMASI, member of the PPRD (Political Party of the Regime on Power in DRC).  Colonel Jaguar RUTARARA is paid and used by the “anti-Bashimbilimba” to terrorize the clan of Bashibilimba, also known as oppressed people of Fizi within the Babembe tribe. They are also called “Babembe Jews”.  The anti-Bashibilimba are tyrants, oppressors, killers, and monsters,” says Dieudonné.  According to Dieudonné, soldiers looted the school, beat the children and their teachers, and confiscated people’s food, water, clothing and other belonging. Other village people disappeared to unknown destinations.  KYALONDAWA KONGOLO Ujermani and three other elders (BAOLELWA, APUNGU and BYOBE) were abducted and taken to Colonel Jaguar, where Ujermani is being held hostage. Ujermani’s release depends on a ransom of $5,000 which has not been paid.  Dieudonné and others led villagers to the Burundi office of UNHCR, via the Burundi government-related institution called ONPRA (Office National pour la Protection des Régugiés et Appatrides).  An important number of villagers are now in the refugee transit camp of CIBITOKE province. Other survivors fled Mwambangu on Tuesday August 12th. They would be waiting in Uvira, in discretion near the border. They are also expecting to cross the border as soon as possible and join the others in Burundi, where the UNHCR would settle them.  As of August 14th, we are waiting for an update from Dieudonné.

Kalio-s children
Children in forced displacement

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