Ongoing Programs

Premiering on June 9, 2018 is our performance program Two Pianos: Playing for Life at the Settlement Music School in Philadelphia on June 9, 2018.  We present Public Events and Programs as well as lead Education Workshops where participants learn about the issues and dilemmas artists living under oppression. Some believe that it’s right to stay and fight the good battle, while others believe it’s right to escape. We will consider if the Kulturbund deliberately selected performances and symbolic statements: their first production in 1933, Nathan the Wise, a story about tolerance and peace between Muslims, Jews, and Christians; Beethoven’s Fidelio about heroism, courage, and freedom; their last performance in 1941, Nielsen’s Symphony Op. 29 no 4 known as The Inextinguishable.  And we will explore the stories and art of contemporary artists from more than 39 countries around the world who connect to the issues that the Kulturbund faced in Nazi Germany.

In Development

Currently we are developing various initiatives including a dramatic feature film Singer, a multimedia play The Ring Project, and Hannah’s Dance, the last dance of the Kulturbund in August 1939.  We have plans for other initiatives and will share them as they develop.