Hello! I would like to inform you that Mr. Arcade KAMAHETA – who works with the Mwambangu village’s pastor (Ahmirado) kidnapped in Bujumbura on Monday – has just been arrested by the police at the ONPRA, the office dealing with asylum seekers in Burundi. Reason: Mr. Arcade is accused of “human trafficking”. This means that the fact that Mr. Arcade is welcoming people fleeing from threats to death in Mwambangu/Baraka village (DR Congo) and directing them to the ONPRA (office working with the UNHCR) becomes a crime. He would have left those foreigners (Congolese people) in the street of Bujumbura, although they don’t know this town of Burundi. However, the number of more than one hundred people who came last week will increase, as one other group came yesterday and another one is on the way to cross the border between DRC and Burudi. In conclusion, one can perceive that some authorities think that people from my village don’t deserve any assistance. So, do they have to be killed or to die during their forced displacement? Please, forward this message to human rights organizations.

Reported by Dieudonné AMISI MUTAMBALA on August 20, 2014

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