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The Shared Stories video (above) presents our vision for how artists around the world connect to the Kulturbund artists’ experiences and the issues they faced.

The centerpiece of our story is told through first-hand accounts captured in interviews with Kulturbund artists between 2002 and 2004 and current-day artists that we started interviewing in 2013.  They live around the world in places such as Afghanistan, Argentina, Congo DRC, India, Iran, Mali, Niger, Russia, Sri Lanka, Syria, and Ukraine.  In addition, to these stories, we explored the insights and perspectives of the actors and musician who participated in a two-day theatre workshop.

We continue to be inspired by these artists, working on various efforts, such as:

COVID-19: The Oppressor, a collection of music and art responses to the 2020 global pandemic.

Featured Short Stories, a presentation of stories about artists that show their powerful responses to oppression through their art.

Initiatives, a collection of planned and current programs and productions.

Artist stories and sample interviews
Kulturbund Artists
Current-day Artists
Featured Short Stories
Theatre Workshop Artists

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