Newsletter — Summer/Autumn 2022

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DONATE                             Power of Music and Art, Resiliency of the Human Spirit, Will to Survive Dear Friends, As we near the end of 2022, it is a time to reflect on all that we have achieved.  People around the world continue to … Read More

How artists are changing Sri Lanka

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Listen now For 25 years Sri Lanka went through a bitter civil war between the majority Sinhalese and the Tamil minority. Earlier this year the country was declared bankrupt and has been facing a major economic crisis, with shortages of medicines, fuel, cooking gas and food. Tens of thousands of people, the vast majority of … Read More

Maestro Earle and Ukrainian music at the Berliner Musikfest

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By Blair A. Ruble on September 23, 2022 KENNAN INSTITUTE ARTS AND LITERATURE CONFLICT RESOLUTION AND PEACEBUILDING UKRAINE GERMANY RUSSIA BY BLAIR A. RUBLE On September 6, the Odesa Philharmonic Orchestra performed under the direction of Principal Conductor Hobart Earle at the prestigious Berliner Musikfest. The Orchestra’s program featured several works by Ukrainian composers before ending with Jean … Read More


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The Artists Taking on Mass Incarceration The interdisciplinary artist Sable Elyse Smith in her New York City studio on July 5, 2022, with works from her “Coloring Book” series, still in progress.Credit…Tommy Kha More and more art is challenging long-held assumptions about the criminal justice system. By Adam Bradley The New York Times Aug. 11, 2022 … Read More

Opinion — How Cuba’s investment in writers and artists came back to haunt its regime

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By Carlos Manuel Álvarez The Washington Post November 11, 2022 Carlos Manuel Álvarez is a Cuban author and journalist. In Cuba, hundreds of innocent people are in prison today because they dared to demand freedom a year ago. The “lucky” ones — including Washington Post Opinions contributor Abraham Jiménez Enoa and art historian Carolina Barrero, the subjects of … Read More